Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Friends,
Rhich and I are just fine here in Honduras but we need your help.  Not for us, but for the Dayhome.  The Dayhome is out of money and has asked the women of our church to bring in food to feed the children.  We have a small congregation of about 150 people of whom 60% are children.  It normally costs around $850 - $1,000 a month to run the Dayhome.  Our church pays for the electricity and a Mission provides clean drinking water.  I don’t know when the one salaried teacher was last paid – normally $100 a month.  We don’t need school supplies or clothes or toothbrushes – these things are nice – we do need money to buy food.

Please consider giving up the cost of 1 latte a week or even 1 lunch a week to help support the Dayhome.  Please make your check payable to Grace Bible Church of Tampa.  In the memo section, write Emmanuel Dayhome in Honduras.  Your check is 100% tax deductable and 100% goes to the Dayhome.  Mail to:  
Grace Bible Church of Tampa.
12101 N. 56th St
Tampa, FL  33617

The Emmanuel Dayhome is a place for single mothers to take their children during the day while they go to work.  Most of these women have menial jobs such as selling bread or tortillas on street corners for as much as 2 tortillas for 3 Limperas (15 cents).  The Dayhome is a safe place where the children get a free nutritious breakfast and lunch.  They have a fenced playground and classrooms for pre-school Bible study and games.  It is a safe place to keep the kids from becoming little “street urchins” or drug mules.
The Dayhome is out of money and food.  They need to feed approximately 25 kids twice a day.  Please send money as soon as possible.  Any amount will help.  Remember, your check is 100% tax deductable and 100% goes to the Dayhome.  Thank you.