Friday, June 17, 2011

Riverbend Teaches Our Youth

The fabulous group of young adults from Riverbend Church in Daytona, Florida came to visit and minister to us this past week. They are such a faithful, committed, loyal group of great Christian witnesses. They did a lot of hard manual labor without so much as a grimace. Never did they complain, even when shoveling the manure off the back of the truck.

They also taught our children and neighboring children Vacation Bible School (VBS). In the mornings, a group of the team went to locals schools and also taught VBS. The local schools asked them to come back.

What a testimony!

This wonderful group from Riverbend was also a refreshing blessing to us as they ministered to us through song, prayer, personal testimonies and fellowship. We love them all and pray for their continued Christian walk and protection.

We love you!