Monday, May 16, 2011

If you click on the box below, you should be able to view a slide show of where we've been the past few months.
So this post is a little late in getting out. We're sill new at the blog thing. These are some pictures from February through April 2011 of our time in Siguatepeque and Las Lagunas. What a wonderful time!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creation Museum

Don't fear for us; these creatures represent a time before the fall of man. They are vegetarians!

Too pretty to be Kansas.

Chilled to the bone.

Wa*ter you looking at.

Da Ark! Da Ark!

See! They are friendly!

We only spent 4 hours at the museum, but could have spent another 4 hours. Some people spend 2 days looking at everything and visiting the botanical garden.

We also listened to a great lecture from Steve Ham, brother of Ken Ham who authored Answers in Genisis and several other books. Steve Ham was interesting, funny and informative.

Want to know more about eternal life? Visit: Plan of Salvation -- Answer to Life.